Glassdoor Reveals Top 50 Best Places to Work, 2010: Southwest Airlines Ranked #1

first_imgWe are proud to announce the winners of the 2nd annual Employees’ Choice Awards for Top 50 Best Places to Work.  The Glassdoor Best Places to Work list is based on the employee sentiment of their respective employers from throughout the past year¹.  With all the economic ups and downs, employee opinion of a company is becoming an increasingly important and valuable barometer of how well a company treats its workforce during good times — or in more troubling times like we’ve seen most recently.Highlights from the 2010 Best Places to Work Awards include:Southwest Airlines beat out last year’s top Best Place to Work winner – General Mills. Southwest garners a 4.7 company rating and CEO Gary Kelly has a 94% approval rating. We think Southwest Airlines Flight Attendee based in Oakland, CA said it best when discussing why the company is a great company to work for: “SWA knows that the employee is just as important as the customer.”However despite the fact that General Mills dropped one spot in the Best Place to Work ranks, the cereal manufacturer CEO Ken Powell took a one percentage point increase in his approval rating (97%) compared to this time last year, giving him the distinction of highest rated CEO on the list. General Mills also held on to its impressive company rating of 4.5 (very satisfied) for two consecutive years.Coming in as the 3rd Best Place to Work is newcomer Slalom Consulting, which has a 4.1 company rating while CEO Tony Rojas has a notable 81% approval rating. A Slalom Consulting SharePoint Consultant  (Atlanta, GA) writes: “A great place to work if you want to grow your career without sacrificing your work/life balance!” Top five veteran Bain & Company comes in at #4 falling from #2 spot last year as its company rating slid from 4.5 last year to 4.3. Following closely at #5 is another management consultant, McKinsey & Company, moving up from #12 last year as its company rating inched up to 4.1 from 4.0.In addition, some other interesting facts regarding the list:62% of companies made Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list two consecutive years, including: General Mills, Google, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Whole Foods and Marriott just to name a few.  Those that fell off include: Netflix, Nike and Genentech.Roughly one-third of those on the list last year climbed up in ratings despite the tough employment climate this year.  Only 12% of companies on the 2010 Best Places to Work list received a very satisfied (4.1+) company rating compared to 18% in 2009; The remainder of the 2010 Best Places to Work companies received satisfied ratings of 3.5 or greater.6% of CEOs on the 2010 Best Places to Work list have an approval rating over 90% compared to 14% in 2009. Of those over 90% this year are: General Mills CEO Ken Powell (97% approval), Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly (94% approval) and Apple’s Steve Jobs (91% approval).Of the most concentrated states with headquarter locations for 2010 Best Places to Work Winners: 20% are located in California, 12% Texas and 10% Massachusetts.Industries sectors most frequently represented on 2010 list include: Business Services (18%), Computer Hardware and  Software (16%), Financial Services (8%) and Insurance (6%)New York City was the most frequently represented HQ city on the list:  McKinsey & Company (Rank: 5), Goldman Sachs (Rank: 16) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (Rank: 49)Here’s the complete list of Top 50 Best Places to Work for 2010:Congratulations to the 2010 Best Place to Work award winners!To find out more about the top 50 workplaces and read company reviews from employees, we invite you to visit: 2010 Employees’ Choice Awards. A complete copy of the Glassdoor survey along with additional information about the Glassdoor Best Places to Work methodology may be requested via email:  For those thinking ahead to 2011, eligibility review period kicked off Dec. 1, 2009. And for those interested in seeing what else Glassdoor has to offer, check out salary and compensation reports, as well as interview questions and reviews for specific jobs at specific companies.Interested to see what companies made the lowest rated list? Click here.¹ To be eligible for the 2nd Annual Employees’ Choice Awards for the Best Places to Work companies must have received at least 25 reviews between December 1, 2008 to December 1, 2009 from U.S.-based employees, maintain an above 3.0 cumulative average overall and across eight workplace factors addressed in the company’s voluntary 20-question survey, and the CEO must have an approval rating higher than 50%. Glassdoor carefully reviews each ratings survey, company and interview review and salary report submitted through its website and only those surveys and reports that are approved by the Glassdoor research team are eligible for the list. read more

Goldilocks And The Three Interviews

first_imgYou probably remember the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears in which Goldie was looking for the ‘just right’ porridge. Well have you heard about Goldilocks and the three interviews? It’s a modern tale of three job candidates speaking to Goldie, the hiring manager, who is looking for that ‘just right’ employee.Here is a look into the interviews of three unique job candidates in this present-day allegory:This Interview is TOO HOT“I am big-time, all the time, when it’s fine I’m online. I am a go-getter, a self-starter, a do-gooder and a no liar. I act nice, feel good, stand tall and talk fast. I have a can-do, will-do, never won’t-do, gonna make do attitude. My friends call me ‘Slick Nick’ with the tricks that can’t be licked. Hire me if you want to accelerate, depreciate, congregate and replicate your corporate success. I am all about synergy, with maximum energy, and never making enemies. The bottom line is this is the time to get in line with my business-kind and see how fine your future with be WITH ME!”This Interview is TOO COLD“I don’t know if I am I right for this job. Do you think I am right for this job? I think I am under-dressed for this interview. I know I should have dressed for success. That’s what mother told me to do, but she just drives me nuts. Doesn’t your mother bother you? How much is the pay for this job anyway? Accomplishments? Well, it is a little hard to tell what I did versus what my team did. I am more a “cog in the wheel” type of person, if you know what I mean. What’s that? Why do I want the job? I don’t know. I guess I NEED the job more than I WANT it. Are we almost done? I have an appointment to look at my bunion at 3 p.m. and I don’t want to miss it.”This Interview is JUST RIGHT“Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions. Will there be a chance to ask you some questions at the end of the interview? No? No problem. Would you mind if I followed up the interview via email with some questions? It’s just that I have done quite a bit of research on your company, your products, you, and I would appreciate the chance to learn more. I would especially like to know more about your new product launch, and the time you spent at ACME Co. My accomplishments? I like to describe my previous work experience in terms of the unique value I believe I created for the companies I worked for. I also learned a lot through those experiences. I’ll give you some specific examples. When can I start? When do you need me?”The lesson? The “Just Right” interview has three qualities:Show interest in the position and willingness to invest in the interview process.See the interview as a give-AND-take, not a give (too hot) OR take (too cold).Talk about your accomplishments in terms of unique value added. Don’t use buzzwords or generalities that make people think you are all talk and no action. But don’t shy away from talking about what you have accomplished either. Your future employer needs to know that you can add value to their business.last_img read more

Using Your Email & Comment Signature To Sell Yourself

first_imgWe introduce ourselves in such polite vanilla ways to the world, to our professional online networks, and in emails or comments.Yet amid the thriving almost overcrowded social media scene, each signature we place can create a baby billboard to sell ourselves — our time, our services, our business.Your signature, after all, says a lot about you – or it should.Laura Stamps uses one describing herself as “paranormal erotica novelist (witches, vampires, shapeshifters)” and her last line notes that her Kindle and PDF ebooks cost $1.99.  A former poet who has written more than 45 books including “The Witches of Dixie” and “A Vampire’s Kiss,” Stamps uses her blog, Facebook and especially her email signature to engage fans – and sell books.“An email sig is your best sales person.  It should be short and tell prospects what you do, where to find your products, and include your best sales feature/trigger to encourage them to buy.  Can’t get any better than that,” said Stamps. “My sig sells more books for me than any ad or any other marketing tactic.”Even if you’re not selling anything now, your email signature serves as your business card. As connecting points, include your phone number, Twitter handle and email. Yes, it makes sense to list email if you think someone’s going to copy it in their database or contactsHere’s some ways to make your email signature stand out:Professionalism. Establish credentials with a short description of who you are, or who your clients are. Instead of the tired term like senior accountant, try something like numbers ninja or blazing bean counter (not for those who work with one of the big accounting firms). If you’ve won a major award in your field, mention it. Use your LinkedIn URL, and a blog address if it relates to your day job.Product. Be clear on what you offer. Most people have no idea what my side social business does. So I  developed a tagline saying Mity Nice provides “joy and jobs through Italian ice.”  Likewise, mention that you give speeches and consult with CEOs or sell all natural cosmetics.Personality. Come up with something short that speaks to who you are: A quick quote, a reminder to go green or motto you live by.  For Laura Stamps, that includes a mention of her “verrrrry naughty blog” and her moniker SexWitch. Yours might not be as steamy, but it needs to stand out.Two things to avoid on signatures: sentiments that are too racy or provocative (unless like Stamps you write sexy stories) or overtly political or religious. And, a signature line that’s as long as this blog post, so your main message gets lost.Do develop a few sigs for different sites. “I change it often, depending on where I’m posting” Stamps says. Be careful to follow the TOU, that’s Terms Of Use, for each social networking site, so you don’t get your derriere kicked out of there.Instead, show up again and again to seize this opportunity to add sizzle and a clear pitch in your sig.last_img read more

Six Ways To Keep From Wasting Time In Meetings

first_imgA recent study of how chief executives manage their time found that they spent about a third of their workweek in meetings—about 18 hours a week, on average.CEOs say that meetings are an important part of their job, helping them connect with managers and clients, but can be a waste of time if they aren’t run efficiently. Here are some ways to help ensure that a meeting is productive and not a day-waster:1. Have an agenda and stick to it. It seems obvious, but most meetings fail because they are poorly planned or go off track. Writing down the agenda and circulating it helps keep everyone on the same page.2. Block half the time you usually do for meetings and keep strict time. Instead of a half-hour meeting, block a 15-minute slot. Meetings expand to fill the time you have.3. Don’t tolerate late starts. If meetings have regular stragglers, consider fining participants a nominal fee and use the money for office parties.4. Consider banning mobiles or laptops from meetings—especially short sessions—to prevent participants from zoning out. If a meeting is long, set scheduled email breaks so people aren’t distracted throughout.5. Consider holding a stand-up meeting, which research shows may cut meeting length by as much as a third. A walking meeting, best for small groups, can also help participants clear their heads and get some exercise6. If there are follow-up or action items, make it crystal clear who should be doing what and who is accountable. – Originally posted on FINS from the Wall Street Journal by Rachel Emma Silvermanlast_img read more

Is BJP taking advantage of rife in Samajwadi Party?

first_imgTaking advantage of the internal strife in the Samajwadi Party, the Bhartiya Janta Party has increased its activity on the electoral front in Uttar Pradesh, establishing a psychological lead over its opponents in the fight by encouraging defection among the ranks of other parties, Rita Bahuguna Joshi being the latest example. Swami Prasad Maurya of the BSP has already joined the BJP.SP has now also included the Ram Temple issue in its electoral agenda and is busy creating polarization of votes through the issues of Triple Talaq and Common Civil Code. PM Modi and his team have increased their focus on the UP elections, although it is expected that Punjab and Goa will also go for simultaneous elections with UP. Amit Shah has begun visiting the different districts of the state with his supporters and the party is hoping that the rift within the party remains till the elections so that the BJP can take fully advantage of the weakness of its primary opponent.WATCH: All you need to know about Mulayam’s second wife Sadhna, a key player in the PariWar BATTLE FOR THE THRONEAgra MP and former central minister Ram Shankar Katheria told India Today that the Samajwadi Party is undergoing a battle for the throne and this internal dispute will not only break the party, but finish it completely.However, when asked for their comments on the issue, the Samajwadi Party leaders in Agra are assuming a silent stance. SP national General Secretary Ramjilal Suman did not comment on the issue and assured that Sab theek ho Jayega??. UP Sports Minister Ram Sakal Gurjar refused to meet the media on this issue, while the district and city Presidents of the party refused to comment.advertisementAKHILESH YADAV’S SUPPORTERS PROTESTBut a large group of Akhilesh Yadav supporters in the party chose to burn effigies of Amar Singh, calling him a Dalaal?? and demanded that he be kicked out of the party. Former general secretary of the Samajwadi Party Manoj Kushreshtha told India Today that by removing Shivpal Yadav from the cabinet, Akhilesh has cleared the dirt from the government. A senior administrative officer told India Today that now the turn was of Shivpal supporter officials to be kicked out as most the officials in Mainpuri, Firozabad and Mathura are all Shivpal supporters.Lamenting the breakdown of governance in the wake of the infighting in the Samajwadi Party, Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber Secretary Vishal Sharma said that this internal clash in the party will affect the development of the state, especially the tourism infrastructure of Agra, which was being developed under the special interest of the Chief Minister.He said that Akhileshs visit was expected in the month of October to inaugurate the Tajganj project, Inner Ring Road and several other schemes, but the current clash has placed these all projects in limbo. Hopefully, the Chief Minister will be able to resolve this issue soon and refocus on the states development.Also Read: Samajwadi Party crisis: Akhilesh parting ways with father Mulayam Singh is imminentMulayam should replace son Akhilesh as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister: Shivpal Yadavlast_img read more

India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 3: As it happened

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Day 3 of the second Test between India and England at Vizag. (Scorecard)India 2nd Innings: HighlightsIndia 455 and 98/3 at stumps, lead England (255) by 298 runs. Virat Kohli 56*, Ajinkya Rahane 22*, Stuart Broad 2/6, James Anderson 1/16.At Stumps on Day 3, India 98/3 and lead England by 298 runs. @imVkohli batting on 56 & @ajinkyarahane88 on 22. @Paytm Test Cricket. #IndvEng BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2016Another fabulous day for India! They didn’t start off the day well as in the morning session as Bairstow and Stokes frustrated them for almost the entire session and stitched a crucial 110-run stand between them. However, after lunch they came out all guns blazing and it was Ravinchandran Ashwin who tormented the English lower order by getting his 22nd 5-wicket haul in Tests.England were eventually bundled out for 255 and handed a massive 200-run lead. The visitors did well to jolt the home side early as both the openers were sent back cheaply. Anderson then removed Pujara through a peach of a delivery and that was all for them today. Kohli and Rahane then kept the English bowlers at bay and made sure they avoid further hiccup. The skipper has got to his fifty and Rahane would be itching to get back into form tomorrow. CLOSE India reach 98-3 at stumps, a lead of 298 runs #INDvENGCatch up on Day Three: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201616.37 IST: A Rashid to Rahane, Bowls it short on middle, Rahane stays back and defends it. That’s STUMPS, DAY 3! India lead by 298 runs. advertisement16.28 IST: Stokes to Kohli, takes a single, 50-run partnership up between Kohli and Rahane 13th Test fifty for Virat Kohli! 16.24 IST: Rashid to Kohli, Tossed up outside off, Kohli comes forward and drills it through covers for a single. He love affair continues at this very ground. Phenomenal performance once again as he gets another half century under his belt. India reach 455 and 89/3, lead England by 289 runsCaptain @imVkohli follows up his century (167) in 1st inns, with a half-century in 2nd as India build lead. @Paytm Test cricket #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201615.32 IST: Anderson to Kohli, Fuller outside off, Kohli comes forward and drives it towards wide mide off for a single. India’s lead touches 250 as they reach 50/3 in 18.1 ovs15.23 IST: Anderson to Pujara, BOWLED!! TIMBER! Anderson bowls it outside off on a length, gets it to nip in after pitching, Pujara plays down the wrong line and is beaten. There is a huge gap between the bat and pad and the ball sneaks through it to hit the top of middle stump. Anderson has made an impact and Pujara has to go back. India reach 455 and 40/3, lead by 240 runsWICKET! Bowled him! Jimmy gets one to nip back & crash into Pujara’s middle stump. India 40-3 #INDvENGLive: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201615.05 IST: Broad is in the middle of a superb spell at the moment. Ind 455 and 28/2, lead by 228 runs15.00 IST: Rashid to Kohli, FOUR! Kohli is not letting England get away here! Floated outside off, Kohli gets on top of it and crashes it through point for a boundary. 14.58 IST: Broad to Kohli, FOUR!! Kohli is not letting England get away here! Floated outside off, Kohli gets on top of it and crashes it through point for a boundary. Ind lead by 224 runs2nd Test. 11.6: A Rashid to V Kohli (10), 4 runs, 28/2 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201614.53 IST: Broad to Rahul, OUT!! BROAD STRIKES AGAIN! Bowls it outside off, KL Rahul comes forward to defend but is beaten all ends up. Broad is confident, in fact he goes for the review. Hameed from short leg signals there was a faint edge to Cook. The keeper and the skipper did not even appeal much there. The replays confirm there was an edge there and another decision has to be overturned. Broad strikes twice and both the openers are back in the hut. Ind 455, 17/2 WICKET! Broad has another as a review shows Rahul feathered through to Bairstow. India 17-2 #INDvENGLive: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201614.43 IST: OUT! Good review by England! Bowls it outside off, comes in with the angle, Vijay looks to defend from his crease but gets an inside edge onto his pads as he is beaten by the inward movement. The ball lobs up towards Joe Root at second slip who dives forward to take the catch. Broad celebrates but cannot believe it is not given out. England go for the review. Replays confirm the edge and the catch is clean as well. Vijay has to go. Twin failures for him. India 455 and 16/1, lead by 216 runs! advertisementWICKET! Broad strikes to remove Vijay for 3, caught by Root. India 16-1 #INDvENGEvening session live: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 2016Broad to Vijay, appeal for a catch but the umpire says Not Out. England review14.30 IST: Play commences after the tea break with Stuart Broad in the attack. Ind 455 and 8/0, lead by 208 runs 14.13 IST: India 455 and 8/0 at tea, lead England (255) by 208 runs. Murali Vijay 3*, KL Rahul 1*.Tea will taste sweet to the Indians as they have managed to drag this session their way after a tough one in the morning. Ravinchandran Ashwin ran through the English tail, registering yet another 5-fer and was given good support from others. The got a huge lead of 200 runs and have dealt with the available 8 overs. The pitch is misbehaving, the odd ball is staying low and these are the signs of it getting crumble as the game progresses. Can England chip in with quick wickets to get back into this game or will the Indian openers make the visitors toil under the sun? Stay tuned for the final session. At Tea on Day 3 #TeamIndia are 8/0, lead #ENG (255) by 208 runs. Follow the game here – #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201614.13 IST: A Rashid to Rahul, Loopy delivery around off, Rahul comes forward and defends it down watchfully. THAT IS TEA ON DAY 3! 14.05 IST: Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin today completed 50 Test wickets in the year 2016 becoming the second bowler to do so after Rangana Herath. Ashwin has now done so in consecutive years. He had 62 wickets last year. Only one other Indian bowler has taken 50 wickets in two consecutive years (Harbhajan Singh did so in 2001 and 2002). 13.55 IST: Anderson to Vijay, FOUR LEG BYES! Starts with a length ball on the pads, Vijay fails to clip it but the ball runs down to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Byes signaled. Ind 455 and 5/0 in 1 over, lead by 205 runsEngland 255-all out, still trail by 200 runs. Ben Stokes 70, Jonny Bairstow 53, R Ashwin 5/67, R Jadeja. India won’t enforce the follow-on and will bat again.Innings Break! England are all out for 255 runs, trail India (455) by 200 runs. Follow the game here – #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2016That ends a fighting effort from England! They were jolted early and were reduced to 80 for 5 before the 110-run stand between Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes ensured that they did not concede a huge lead. Both of them missed out on their tons and that could very well be the decisive moment in the game.advertisementIndia got a lead of exactly 200 runs as Ravichandran Ashwin wrapped up the tail with another five-wicket haul. Jadeja and Jayant Yadav both bowled well to give him good support. INDIA ARE BATTING FIRST, they would be wanting to score quick runs and tire the England bowlers down. Broad has a sore feet and Ansari has a lower back issue, so the pressure will be on England. Let’s see how India bat. Stay tuned for their reply.(AP Photo)13.36 IST: Ashwin to Anderson, OUT! Anderson gone first ball, England fail to avoid the follow-on, trail by a massive 200 runs but of all RAVICHANDRAN ASHWIN GETS HIS 22ND TEST 5-FER! What a performance from the offie, yet again. Bowls a loopy delivery around middle, gets it to drift through the surface as Anderson gets back to punch it through the off side but misses and is rapped on the pads right in front of the stumps. Ashwin appeals and sees the finger going up. ENGLAND BOWLED OUT FOR 255! India have opted to bat again. Adil Rashid was England’s not out batsman on 32 #INDvENG England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201613.35 IST: Ashwin to Broad, OUT!! Ashwin has another! No reviews left which means Stuart Broad will have to walk back to the pavilion. Ash bowls a slider around middle and leg, skidding in with the angle. Broad gets back to flick but misses and is hit on the pads. A loud appeal follows and umpire Dharmasena gives it out. England still need 1 run to avoid the follow-on and trail by 200 runs! Eng 255/9, trail by 200 runs.13.08 IST: Jadeja to Ansari, leg-before appeal and given out by the umpire but Ansari reviews.ANSARI FALLS! Floated on off, Ansari plays all over it and is rapped in front of the stumps. Jadeja appeals and the umpire has no doubts over it. Ansari comes down to have a chat and suggests there were possibly an edge and goes for the review. Replays confirm there was no bat there and he was hit on his front pad first. Ball Tracker shows three reds and Ansari has to go. Wonder why would you review that. The two noises were the ball hitting both the pads. England have lost both their reviews. Jadeja has his first wicket! Eng 234/8, trail by 221 runs12.52 IST: WICKET! Drama as Stokes reviews in vain! Floated on middle and off, Stokes comes forward to defend but is hit on his pads. The silly point collects the ball and joins the appeal. There is a loud noise for an lbw and Kumar Dharamasena upholds the appeal. Stokes comes down and has a word with Rashid and goes for the review. Replays are not conclusive enough to show that there was inside edge. It stays with the on-field call of out for an lbw call. Three reds and that meant Stokes has to go after a superb knock. Cook has a grim look on his face. Stokes slams his bat down as he reaches the dressing room. Even if they went with the inside edge, the catch was completed so he would have been out caught as well. Valiant knock by him. Eng 225/7, trail by 230 runs90.4: WICKET! B Stokes (70) is out, lbw Ravichandran Ashwin, 225/7 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201612.49 IST: Ashwin to Stokes, huge shout for leg-before! Ben Stokes is ruled out LBW but he opts for the review straightaway. Looks close to the naked eye. Is there an inside edge? Even if there is, the catch is completed at silly point.12.24 IST: Shami to Stokes, FOUR! Top shot! Fuller on middle and leg, Stokes clips it through mid-wicket for a boundary. That is a superb shot, lovely timing. 12.17 IST: India decide to take the new ball. Umesh will have a crack with it first up. Eng 192/6, trail by 263 runs12.15 IST: Maiden over to start off with. Eng 191/6, trail Ind by 264 runs. 12.10 IST: Play commences post lunch with Mohammed Shami in attack. 11.31 IST: England 191/6 at lunch, trail India (455) by 264 runs. Ben Stokes 55*, Jonny Bairstow 53, Umesh Yadav 1/34.At Lunch on Day 3 #ENG are 191/6, trail India (455) by 264 runs. Follow the game here – #INDvENG BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2016A very good session for England! They scored 88 runs in the session losing just the one wicket. India began the day being over enthusiastic. There were overthrows, a review was taken desperately as Stokes and Bairstow did not offer as many chances. Both of them registered their respective fifties and mixed caution with aggression to frustrate the Indians further.Stokes and Bairstow shared a 110-run stand before a wicket fell at last. Bairstow was cleaned up by one that swung in very late for a hard working 53. Stokes is still out there and with the deficit still 264 runs, England will want him to eat into it as much possible. LUNCH Bairstow the only wicket to fall this morning. England go in 191-6 with Stokes 55* #INDvENGCatch up: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201611.31 IST: Yadav to Stokes, A low full toss outside off, Stokes is rock solid as he defends it towards covers. THAT IS LUNCH ON DAY 3! 11.28 IST: 80 overs are up so the new ball is now due for India and 2 reviews have been gained as well. Eng 190/6, trail by 26511.21 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, BOWLED! Umesh Yadav provides a much-needed breakthrough! Anil Kumble in the dressing room is applauding, looks a happy man. It’s full and angling in to the batsman at 142 kph, Bairstow looks to clip it across the line but misses as the ball brushes the pads and deflects on to the stumps. Yadav jumps and then punches the air in joy. A vital 109-run stand has been broken and England still need 56 to avoid the follow-on. Eng 190/6, trail by 265 runs(AP Photo)2nd Test. 78.3: WICKET! J Bairstow (53) is out, b Umesh Yadav, 189/6 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201611.02 IST: Jadeja to Bairstow, FOUR!! And that will be his 12th Test fifty. Another impressive knock this from the English keeper. Full and outside off, Bairstow looks to drive it through the off side but gets an outside edge through gully for a boundary. Bairstow has had a terrific year so far with 1215 runs from 14 matches and counting. He’s smashed 3 hundreds to go along with 6 half-centuries in 2016. Eng 183/5, trail by 272 runs.And now 5??0?? for Bairstow! Fine work from this pair with lunch half an hour away #INDvENGFollow it live: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201610.56 IST: Jayant to Stokes, there is it, a deserving half century for Ben Stokes! Flatter ball outside off, Stokes gets back and punches it through covers for a single. Gets a standing ovation from his mates. He will know the work is not done yet. It’s his 8th half-century in Test cricket. Eng 176/5, trail by 279 5??0?? for Ben Stokes! Under the circumstances, a very fine knock indeed. England 176-5 #INDvENG #doubleit ??? England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 201610.45 IST:  Jadeja to Stokes, FOUR!! Partnership – 86 off 202 balls. Eng 166/5, trail by 289 runs10.22 IST: Current partnership – 67 runs. Eng 147/5, trail by 308 runs10.01 IST: Ashwin to Stokes, FOUR!! Fifty-run partnership for the sixth wicket comes up with a boundary down leg. Eng 133/5 50 partnership between Stokes & Bairstow. So far, so good ?? #INDvENGFollow it live: England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 20169.59 IST: Umesh to Stokes, leg-before appeal but umpire turns it down. Eng 128/5, trail by 327 9.47 IST: Ashwin to Stokes, FOUR! Lively start to the morning as Eng reach 119/5, trail by 3362nd Test. 52.6: R Ashwin to B Stokes (21), 4 runs, 119/5 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 20169.40 IST: Ashwin to Stokes, FOUR! First boundary of the morning. Eng 113/5, trail by 342 runs2nd Test. 50.6: R Ashwin to B Stokes (16), 4 runs, 113/5 #IndvEng @Paytm BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 20169.40 IST:  Ashwin to Bairstow, NOT OUT! Poor review from India! Floated on off, Bairstow looks to sweep from outside off gets it down to the fine leg region. Ashwin does not consult anyone if there was any bat and calls for the review rightaway. The replays show it went off the gloves. So there was no bat there and it remains not out. A desperate review from India? A single taken. 9.35 IST: Bairstow seems to be fine now as Eng reach 106/5, trail by 349 runs. 9.30 IST: Bairstow has come out to bat and will take first strike against Umesh Yadav. Eng 103/5 in 49 ovs, trail Ind (455) by 352 runs. 9.30 IST: Blow for England! Looks like Jonny Bairstow twisted his left ankle while coming out to bat just now. He is limping a bit. We could do with a big knock from this man. Day three from Vizag is fast approaching… #INDvENG England Cricket (@englandcricket) November 19, 2016Day 2 Highlights:England were in a deep hole at 103-5 and trailing India by 352 runs after two days of the second cricket Test on Friday.England were reduced to 80-5 in the last session, as it came under severe pressure from the India spinners. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow halted the rout over the last 15 overs to stumps, finishing unbeaten on 12 each. India took four wickets in the session.Opener Haseeb Hameed and Joe Root resumed post tea, and were untroubled in adding 47 runs for the second wicket until Hameed was run out on 13 after Root refused a second run.Ben Duckett added 21 runs with Root until Duckett was bowled for 5 by Ravichandran Ashwin.Root completed his 24th Test half-century off 91 balls, including six fours, but gave Ashwin a second wicket going for an expansive drive and being caught in the deep.Ashwin had 2-20 off 13 overs.Moeen Ali was trapped for 1 by debutant Jayant Yadav via a successful video review after umpire Kumar Dharmasena turned down his appeal.Yadav was unlucky not to dismiss Stokes on 3 when the ball hit the stumps but the bail didn’t come off.Stokes and Bairstow took England past 100. Their budding partnership was worth 23 runs.last_img read more

Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen signs new three-year deal

first_imgTottenham Hotspur’s Belgium defender Jan Vertonghen has signed a new contract that runs until 2019, the Premier League club announced on Friday.Vertonghen, who has played 179 games for Spurs since joining in 2012, was in commanding form alongside compatriot Toby Alderweireld at the heart of a defence that conceded just 35 league goals last season. (Also read: Chelsea end unbeaten Tottenham’s start, stay top of league)”We are delighted to announce that Jan Vertonghen has signed a new contract with the Club, which will run until 2019,” Spurs said on their website.The 29-year-old Vertonghen, who has made 17 appearances this season, joins Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Kyle Walker, Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose in committing his long-term future to the north London club in recent months.Fifth-placed Tottenham, seven points off top spot after 13 games, host second-bottom Swansea City on Saturday having lost their unbeaten league record at Chelsea last weekend.last_img read more


first_img4th race : Ruia Stud Plate (Div-I) 1200M:4th race : Ruia Stud Plate (Div-I) 1200M: Side Winder (G Lakshmiranayana) 55.5 Arshad Alam first Virat 59 Shiva Kumar second Rich Revival 52 R Ahmed third Dream Star 55.5 C Segeon fourth All Ran Won by : 3-1/4 ls, 1 l and 1-3/4 ls Time: One min:14.54 seconds Tote: Rs 16 for win.Rs 12,Rs 25 and Rs 67 for places Favourite : Side Winder winner trained by : Prasanna Kumar Forecast : Rs 193 Quinella : Rs 108 Shp: Rs 94 Trinalla: 70 pct Rs 1,486 30 pct Rs 963 Exacta: 70 pct Rs 6,827 30 pct Rs 2,156.(MORE) PTI CORR KKU MVVlast_img

Nissan India sales up 21% to 3,711 units in December

first_imgNew Delhi, Jan 1 (PTI) Nissan Motor India today reported a 21 per cent jump in domestic sales at 3,711 units in December, against 3,065 units in the same month a year ago.Moreover, for the first three quarters of the current fiscal, Nissan and Datsuns combined sales achieved an impressive 50 per cent growth rate, the company said in a statement.Together, their sales growth was the second-fastest among car brands in India for April-December 2016 versus the same period last year, it added.Commenting on the sales results, Nissan Motor India MD Arun Malhotra said, “Nissan India achieved healthy sales in December by posting 21 per cent year-on-year growth despite the challenges of the demonetisation issue. This strong performance came on the back of continued success of Datsun redi-GO and the great customer response to the redi-GO SPORT.””We have achieved consistently strong sales in the first three quarters of this fiscal year. The growth we have achieved from April through December positions us as the second-fastest growing company in the passenger vehicle segment in India, a significant feat for a comparatively young company,” added Malhotra.In October 2016, the Nissan Motor India group, which manages the sales and service support for both Nissan and Datsun brands, announced the intention to introduce up to eight new cars from the Datsun and Nissan brands to India by 2021.These new products in the pipeline, which include the recently-launched Nissan GT-R and the launch of X-Trail Hybrid in 2017, move the company forward toward its aim of becoming a major force in India with a 5 per cent market share by 2020. PTI KKS MKJadvertisementlast_img read more

Bernie Ecclestone’s F1 exit marks end of an era

first_imgBernie Ecclestone used to joke that retirement would come on the day of his funeral but in the end it was an American businessman in a suit who quietly ushered Formula One’s 86-year-old ringmaster towards the exit.Formula One’s new U.S.-based owner Liberty Media on Monday completed its takeover of the sport’s commercial rights and with it ended one of the longest, most colourful and controversial reigns in global sport. (Also read: Liberty completes F1 takeover, Bernie Ecclestone replaced by Chase Carey)Chase Carey, the man with the twirly moustache who had been appointed chairman in September, took the Briton’s place as chief executive overseeing a new management team that includes former team principal Ross Brawn.On a landmark day for fans and teams alike, some of whom had come almost to believe that Ecclestone might defy the very laws of nature and hang on forever after 40 years in charge, the news still came as a shock. (Also read: Bernie Ecclestone, mega job but change was overdue: Nico Rosberg)Ecclestone was handed the title of ‘Chairman Emeritus’, a newly-created position that recognised the Briton’s historic contribution while removing him from the day-to-day running of the sport.”The sport is what it is today because of him…and he will always be part of the F1 family,” said Carey in a statement.For decades, Ecclestone has called the shots and made the deals that transformed a once deadly and disjointed sport into a $1 billion enterprise with races from Azerbaijan to Australia, Brazil to Bahrain.advertisementHe has been a controlling presence, a billionaire who enriched himself and the teams while missing no opportunity to drive a wedge between them when it suited his commercial interests.”He was the circus master. He was in charge and sometimes you need a sport to be run like that,” former racer Martin Brundle told Sky Sports television. “It was his way or the highway.”He might not be very tall but he was certainly feared in the paddock…and we all did extremely well hanging on to his shirt-tails.”DIGITAL AGEIf some breathed a sigh of relief that a long-awaited shake-up could now bring the sport into the digital age, there was also gratitude.”Formula One wouldn’t be the international sporting power-house that it is today without the truly enormous contribution made over the past half-century by Bernie Ecclestone,” commented McLaren executive director Zak Brown.”Indeed, I can’t think of a single other person who has had anything like as much influence on building a global sport as he has,” he added, hailing Ecclestone as a “visionary entrepreneur”.”Bernie will be a very hard act to follow, but he’s created a fantastic springboard from which Chase Carey and his Liberty Media colleagues will be able to take Formula One forward and make it even bigger and even better.”Ecclestone has been immersed in motor racing since the 1950s when he entered a few grands prix as a driver but failed to make the grade.He was much more successful off the track, gaining control of the commercial rights to the sport from the 1970s onwards and profiting from a growing TV market and expansion into emerging regions.More famous than many of the drivers who have come and gone over the years, he has become known to millions of fans as Bernie or Mr E.If the end of his reign was often foretold, time and again he confounded his critics – a classic example being the bribery trial in Germany that ended in 2014 after he agreed to pay $100 million as a settlement.His mobile phone ringtone hinted also at his sense of humour, resonating to the tune of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ – a classic 1960s Italian Spaghetti Western that was just right for Formula One’s stone-faced “Little Big Man” and his endless quest for a few dollars more.The money rolled in, multiplied by amazing deals that saw him sell Formula One several times over while retaining a tight grip on the top job.By his own admission he was reluctant to delegate, preferring to act as a dictator – a man who did a deal on a handshake and had an aversion to emails.An avowed admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Donald Trump, Ecclestone was clear about where he stood.”I don’t think democracy is the way to run anything,” he once said. “Whether it’s a company or anything, you need someone who is going to turn the lights on and off.”advertisementlast_img read more

Moh Juj, Assam’s traditional buffalo fight, to be held in Morigaon tomorrow

first_imgBuoyed by the Tamil Nadu government’s holding of jallikattu, organisers of the buffalo fight are gearing up to hold the traditional sport on January 27 in Assam. The Ahatguri Moh Juj Aru Bhogali Utsav Udjapan Samiti (AMJABUUS) has decided to formally organise Assam’s traditional Moh Juj (buffalo fight) at Ahatguri in Morigaon district on Friday.Buffalo fight organisers in Assam said that Tamil Nadu had set a precedent in paving the way for the holding of Assam’s traditional event. AMJABUUS secretary Pranabjyoti Das said, “As the Tamil Nadu government has allowed organising the sport, there is no reason why we should not conduct our own Moh Juj. After all, the Moh Juj is an integral part of the cultural life in Assam. He added that preparations to organise the event on January 27 had started. “In Ahatguri, the event is held twice — on the first day of the Hindu month of Magh and after the Republic Day. We have not organised the event since 2015.”Also read | Jallikattu effect: After Tamil Nadu, other states ramp up pressure for banned sports AMJABUUS ORGANISES BUFFALO FIGHTS IN ASSAMOne of the largest buffalo fights is organised by AMJABUUS in Assam at Ahatguri. However, this time AMJABUUS refrained from conducting the event on the first day of Magh (Jan 15) due to the Supreme Court ban.These organisers have been keenly watching the developments in Tamil Nadu since people in the state had been protesting for not allowing Jallikattu, and felt emboldened after an ordinance and the bill was passed by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.advertisementAlso read | Trichy cop’s fiery talk convinces jallikattu agitators to disperse from protest venue peacefullyBuffalo or bulbul or nightingale fights have been traditionally organised as part of the Bhogali Bihu celebrations. The festival could not be conducted for the past two years, in view of the Supreme Court judgment banning animal cruelty. However, voices of protest to resume the popular sport, which the locals argue is a tradition and ironically a way to conserve local species, have grown in the wake of pro-jallikattu agitation.The event takes place in various districts of Assam, mainly Sivsagar, Nagaon, Morigaon and Kamrup. Hajo town in the vicinity of Guwahati, where bulbul fights have been a tradition for years, has not held the same since 2015. However, organisers of the event in Hajo have asked the BJP-led Assam government to bring in necessary legislation and ensure that bulbul fighting is being organised.KNOW ALL ABOUT BULBUL FIGHTS IN ASSAMMakar Sankranti coincides with Assam’s harvest festival Bhogali Bihu, where the traditional “Bulbul fights” (nightingale fights) are organised in the Hayagriva-Madhava temple in Hajo, about 30 km from Guwahati.But because of a ban imposed by the Supreme Court on animal fights, the Bulbul fight did not take place during Bhogali Bihu in the past two years.In 2015, during a case between the Assam government and the temple management, Gauhati High Court had allowed the tradition to continue but in January 2016, bulbul fights were effectively prohibited.Bulbul or nightingale fights were traditionally organised as part of the Bhogali Bihu celebrations.Siva Prasad Sarma, chief priest of Hayagrib-Madhab temple in Hajo where the annual bulbul (songbird) fight is organised during mid-January Magh Bihu festival, said, “Like Jallikattu, bulbuli sorair jooj (bulbul bird fight) is part of our rich cultural heritage. We have not conducted the fight since January 2016 to honour the restriction that the court imposed on it, but no one has the right to interfere with our tradition. We hope the Assam government will take up the issue to get the ban on bulbul fighting lifted.”Also read |  Series of blasts in Assam on Republic Day, no casualties; ULFA claims responsibilitylast_img read more

All-inclusive state-run scheme, relentless urge drive China

first_imgBy Abhishek Hore New Delhi, Feb 26 (PTI) China has turned into a dominant sporting nation in the last two decades due to a comprehensive state-run policy that cultivates the chosen ones from the moment they are out of diapers, feels the countrys air rifle shooting coach Li Jie, an Olympic and a World Championship silver medalist. The 37-year-old Li, who clinched silver at the 2004 Athens Games, is here with the Chinese contingent for the ongoing International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup. China, who had toppled United States from the top at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, proved that the outing at home wasnt a fluke with another very successful showing at London four years later. In most quadrennial sporting events in recent years, the Peoples Republic of China has been among the top two normally. “China is strong because there is a very sound national scheme under which the government provides the greatest support for the development of sports and sportspersons, and this applies to shooting as well,” Li told PTI on the sidelines of the tournament at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range here. “As per the scheme, at first the athlete has to show a great level of passion and then if he can back that with talent, its done. If this criterion is met, the government supports the athlete from a very, very young age,” Li said. Over the last two-three decades, China has produced some of the finest athletes and Li believed the role played by these legends or “leaders”, as he called them, has been a driving force behind the countrys emergence as a leading sporting nation. To corroborate his point, he cited the example of Wang Yifu, who, in terms of number of Olympics medals, is one of the most successful shooters of all times with six podium finishes, including two gold, at the Games. “We have many great leaders who are tasked with developing each sport, and in shooting we have the legendary Wang Yifu. He has the passion, made great sacrifices for development of the Chinese shooting team, his contribution is immense,” Li said of the man who clinched the air pistol gold medal at 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 2004 Athens Games. “Thanks to the national policies, we have numerous people who loves to get involved in shooting sport.” Also, he added, “In China there is something called a comprehensive games held every four years, where the best sportspersons compete and the standard of which is at par with top international tournaments. Yes, you can say these games are comparable to top international tournaments. The emphasis is only on performance.” Coming to the athletes, he said: “Its hard to measure the sacrifices they have made in their life-long pursuit. This is true for other countries, too, as without them one cant think of realising their goals in sports.” MORE PTI AH SSC SSCadvertisementlast_img read more

Ravichandran Ashwin can run through Australia on this track: KL Rahul

first_imgIndia’s lone performer KL Rahul is hopeful that premier off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin would be able to match Nathan Lyon’s performance on a track that has crumbled on the first day itself. (Bengaluru Test: Lyon’s 8/50 highlights Australia’s domination as India crumble for 189)Rahul stood tall amidst ruins as Lyon grabbed 8 for 50 in India’s meagre total of 189 on the first day of the second Test. (Watched a lot of Ashwin tapes but stuck to my strength, says Nathan Lyon)”We know Ash (Ashwin) is a top class bowler and once he gets a couple of wickets and gets into that rhythm, then he is going to run through the Australian batting line-up, which we are very confident of,” Rahul said at the post-match media conference. (Virat Kohli hits sudden low after record-shattering run)Rahul also said that Ravindra Jadeja can also prove to be handful if he can use the roughs as effectively as Lyon has done. (Lyon’s career-best haul breaks plethora of records in Bengaluru Test)”Jadeja didn’t get to bowl a lot today but like Lyon, he too has a lot of rough to bowl on to the left-handers outside the off-side stump. If he can come in and bowl consistently on the rough, we will get a lot of wicket,” he said. (Bengaluru Test stats: Lyon records best bowling figures by a visiting bowler in India)’PITCH GETTING HARDER TO BAT’Rahul said the cracks are opening up and its only getting harder to bat on this wicket. He also said that the wicket was pretty much similar to the one that they get while playing for Karnataka in Ranji Trophy games but cracks open up a bit during domestic games. (Nathan Lyon happy to prove he belongs at the Test level)advertisement”I think this is a pretty much the same wicket we get for Ranji Trophy. May be the cracks start to open up at the end of the second day or the third day. But here the wicket was pretty dry and the cracks were prominent there. Their bowlers, especially when Starc bowls from over the wickets, he creates that rough for Lyon which helps them get that spin and bounce,” he said. (Rahul, trolled over his recent form, shuts man down with epic response)Rahul was feeling his shoulders a lot but said there was no point taking a medical break. (Also read: Five things Virat Kohli needs to get right against Australia tomorrow) “Medical treatment at that time wouldn’t have really done a lot of good for me. So I looked to continue and tried to play a few shots which didn’t go my way,” said the youngster, who missed out on a well-deserved 100.”I had to look to get as many runs as I can with the last two batsmen there. That was the stroke which was giving me a bit of a problem in Pune. So I had to restrict that shot, but in the last few overs I had to look to take that chance and risk which I knew would give me some pain. But medical treatment at that time wouldn’t have really done a lot of good for me. So I looked to continue and tried to play a few shots which didn’t go my way,” he said. (Also read: Virat Kohli confident India can win series vs Australia despite Pune debacle) Rahul observed that dampness in the pitch contributed Lyon getting turn.”Initially, the new ball was coming onto the bat really well. Once the spinners came on, I felt that the wicket was a little damp during the first session. That’s why they were getting some spin and the ball was holding to the wicket. To drive or to go over the top wasn’t really easy,” he said.Lyon exploited the rough created by Mitchel Starc, said Rahul.”Once the ball got older, and there was more rough outside the off stump, Lyon exploits the rough. He kept bowling there consistently and got some purchase out of the wicket. That’s about it,” he said.Asked how difficult was Lyon to face, Rahul said, “Like I said, there is a big rough that Starc creates and we all know Lyon bowls fast into the rough. It gets a little difficult to play him if he starts getting some spin and bounce. He was very consistent, kept putting the ball there and kept asking questions. He got the rewards this innings. We will see what we can do in the second innings, come hard at him, find a way to get him away.”advertisementOn his gameplan, Rahul said: “As soon as the spinner comes in to bowl, it is important for an opening batsman to not let him settle. So that’s what I tried doing. The wicket was a little damp so he was getting a lot of bounce. I felt like if I swept I could get the top edge. They had the fielders back right from the first ball. We couldn’t really get the big hits or boundaries. So I looked to play time and tire out the bowlers,” he said.Rahul also said they were getting singles pretty easily when he was with Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair and that’s why he didn’t play too many big shots.”Strike was being rotated and we were getting three to four runs without any risk. That’s when I decided that I will be happy with the singles and may be then they will pull the fielders in and I can take a chance. But that didn’t happen because we kept losing wickets at regular intervals,” he said.ON KOHLI’S DISMISSALHe defended skipper Virat Kohli’s error in judgement.”Virat’s delivery (one he faced) didn’t spin as much. The whole over it was spinning and bouncing and that ball went straight, which can happen. Karun and Ajinkya looked set, they were batting on 20 each (Rahane 17), and looked set. We were getting runs quite easily. Our gameplan was to attack the spinners whenever we could but sometimes it just doesn’t go your way. We have to take it in our stride and come back stronger,” he added.Asked which knock was satisfying compared to Pune, Rahul said he is very happy with both the innings, but felt the need to build more partnerships.”Nothing is satisfying. I am happy that I can contribute and it’s my responsibility, batting up the order, that I bat as long as I can and get as many runs as I can. I am happy with both innings and how I batted but may be we need to build more partnerships. That becomes my responsibility also to tell the batsman coming in what shots we can play and how we can hold on to this partnerships which didn’t happen in Pune and here as well,” he said.On opening issue, Rahul said more than volume of runs scored, it is important as to what they can offer for the team.last_img read more

Justice Vikramjeet Sen hears out Gautam Gambhir, coach KP Bhaskar on Vijay Hazare row

first_imgThe Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) administrator Justice (Retd) Vikramjeet Sen met senior player Gautam Gambhir, chief coach KP Bhaskar and manager Shankar Saini to hear out their respective versions on the altercation that took place during Vijay Hazare Trophy.Saini has submitted his manager’s report to the administrator with detailed mention of the incident.After Delhi finished their disastrous campaign, there was a dressing room altercation between Bhaskar and Gambhir. There were allegations that Gambhir had abused Bhaskar, something that former India captain rubbished.Infact, Gambhir counter-alleged that Bhaskar was making youngsters insecure and playing with careers of youngsters like Unmukt Chand, Nitish Rana and Pawan Negi.It was learnt that Justice Sen may form an enquiry committee but on his part he declined to comment anything at the moment.last_img read more

iOS 10 rollout: 11 new features that may make iPhone great again

first_imgIn the world of iPhone, it is getting a little critical. Even the Apple fans acknowledge as much. Over the last two years, Android has made big strides and has managed to acquire feature that are more dynamic, useful and fun. iOS, which powers the iPhone and the iPad, while sporting a slick design feels a little too basic, too rigid. On Monday night Apple moved to fix it with a new update. The updated software, called iOS 10, will be available to the all recent iPhone users sometime after September.So what is the big deal about the iOS 10? In general it tries to open up the OS to third-party developers, helping them create more dynamic and useful apps. The Siri will support third-party apps and so will the message and phone app. There is a better integration of the content within several apps. It’s not yet at a stage where Android is, but it is pretty significant update. We will see how it pans out only after the software reaches more people, but as far as Apple’s announcement goes, here are the top features that the iPhone users can expect with the iOS 10:With Siri opening to the developers, expect more apps to support voice commands. This means you will not only be able to dictate a message on your iPhone but will probably also be able to book a table in a restaurant using an app like Zomato, if that app uses Siri’s API that Apple is providing.iOS 10 allows richer notifications on the lock screen. This means reply to your email directly from the lock screen.You will be able to create more expressive messages because the iOS is going to have not only a better support for emojis but also animated chat bubbles that will let users convey some sort of emotions. For example, want to shout a message? Send it with a speech bubble that expands on the sender’s iPhone.Maps has been redesigned and now seems to have similar sort of functionality that Google Maps provides, including live traffic update. However, don’t expect to see this functionality anytime soon in India.The Photos app is now more intelligent, similar to Google Photos. It will be able to create a collage of photos based on shared memories. Pretty neat, though we have seen it earlier from Google.The Phone app will integrate with third-party apps for VoIP calls, voicemail transcription and a caller ID extension so that it can serve spam alerts.The lock screen now has automatic wake up feature, similar to what Motorola phones have. So as soon as you take out the iPhone, the screen will wake up to show notification. You won’t have to press any button.The widgets will be accessible from the lock screen with a swipe from left to right. These widgets will be expandable to show more information, if required.The home app is getting more functionality. When it finds compatible Internet of Things of devices, it will be able to control them. In an ideal world – or rather home – expect an iPhone to control everything, including lighting and temperature, through the Home app. Although such an ideal world is quite a few years away, and definitely 5 to 10 years away in India.Siri is also getting smarter in the iOS 10. “Siri intelligence brings new QuickType features, including contextual predictions to surface relevant information based on location, calendar availability or contacts; and predictive typing supports multiple languages without switching keyboards,” says Apple.This one is a feature that Apple didn’t announce. But it is part of iOS 10. The OS will allow users to delete stock apps, which means apps installed by Apple. This means if you always use Google Maps, you can go ahead and delete the Apple Maps to save some storage. Now, if only Android can follow the step and allow its users to do the same.advertisementlast_img read more

Would only comment on Yadav after talking to BCCI: Mysore

first_imgKolkata, Mar 31 (PTI) Kolkata Knight Riders CEO Venky Mysore said that that franchise will only comment on pacer Umesh Yadavs initial availability today said there was no official word yet on its pacer Umesh Yadavs unavailability. “Theres nothing official I heard. I also read the reports. Until, I heard something official from BCCI, theres nothing we cannot comment,” KKR CEO Venky Mysore told reporters. “If theres any truth, a statement should come out soon. I also read a couple of days ago that theres some workload management… But we are not aware of any such (BCCI) directive, it may be a figment of somebodys imagination,” Mysore said. The Indian pacer played a key role in Indias 2-1 bounceback win in a four-match Test series against Australia to regain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. He has bowled a staggering 355 plus overs. According to reports, the series had taken a toll on some of the key Indian players who would miss a few matches of the IPL. “The good news with our team is all our bases are covered, in case of any eventuality. Hes a top player (Yadav), lets wait and see what comes out officially. Then we can comment something concrete without being speculative.” All KKRs overseas recruitment including the likes of Trent Boult, Chris Woakes, Nathan Coulter-Nile, coach Jacques Kallis were in transit and would join the team in 72 hours, he added. “There were some Visa issues as a new process wanted two letters — one from Ministry of sports and the other from BCCI. But its sorted now.” Bangladeshi allrounder Shakib Al Hasan, whos playing in Sri Lanka would join before their tournament opener against Gujarat Lions in Rajkot on April 7. “He is playing his last match on April 6 and would just be in time for the match,” he said. Talking to reporters after a practice match at Eden Gardens, he had special praise for the ground conditions. “Eden wicket looks brilliant. Outfield is world class. It should be a contender of the best ground of the tournament. It will be entertaining.” The team leaves for their away match on April 4. PTI TAP KHS KHSadvertisementlast_img read more

9 decisions during Navaratra, UP minister calls it coincidence

first_imgLucknow, Apr 4 (PTI) Call it a coincidence, the UP Cabinet held its first meeting today on Navami, the last day of Navaratra, and took nine decisions, some of them also mentioned in the BJPs election manifesto.Interestingly, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also shifted to his official residence — 5 Kali Das Marg — during Navaratra itself.”The nine decisions, which the Cabinet took include loan waiver to small and marginalised farmers, streamlining purchase of wheat, action on illegal abattoirs, work done by anti-Romeo squad, committee to study the ways and means to protect interests of potato farmers.”Industry policy, action on illegal mining, adoption of resolution to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for granting constitutional status to National OBC Commission and establishment of sports complex in Ghazipur,” UP Minister Shrikant Sharma said.However, UP Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh said, “Today is Navami (ninth day of the Navaratra — a nine day period considered auspicious by Hindus). We have taken nine decisions. It is a coincidence.”After the meeting, Agriculture minister Surya Pratap Shahi exuded confidence that the state government would marshal its own resources, while waiving loans of small and marginalised farmers.Shekhar Dixit, president of Kisan Manch, also welcomed the move of the Yogi Adityanath government, and lauded the steps taken for the overall development of the state. PTI NAV DIPlast_img read more

10 Things Your Nonprofit Home Page Must Have

first_imgLet’s face it: People have short attention spans online. We’re all clicking around furiously trying to nab the quickest, most-reliable answers to our questions. Your nonprofit home page needs to share just the right amount of information. Effectively. And, oh yes, quickly.Here are ten things your nonprofit home page must have in order to accomplish two goals: grab a reader’s attention and spur that person to action.Something that tugs the heartstringsAnchor your home page with an arresting image, a bold statement or the start of an incredible story. Connect to your visitors on an emotional level to hook them into the rest of your content. When you show that you align with what they care about and can relate to, you’re starting a conversation.A two-second statementThis brief statement should sum up who your organization is and what you do. This will ensure that anyone glancing at the page “gets it” right away. (Hint: This is not your mission statement. Please put that away on your “About Us” page where it belongs.) This sound bite, instead, shows differentiation and value of your nonprofit and its unique work.Clear, intuitive navigationYour website should be organized according to the expectations of the people who come to your website. Did you notice this did not say “organized according to your organizational chart”? Website visitors are looking for more information about what you do, how they can get involved and why they should care. Org charts don’t jive with that train of thought.A quick case (or link to a case) for your nonprofitWhy is your organization the nonprofit to support? What are you doing differently? What’s special about your volunteers, constituents, geography, programs, events, etc.? There are more than 1.8 million charities in the United States right now. And – let’s be honest – many that do similar work to yours. Make your case!A way to capture people whose interest has been capturedWorst-case scenario: Someone visits your website, thinks “wow, that’s really cool… huh,” and then jets off to check his or her email again, leaving your website in the dust. That’s a missed opportunity for a relationship. Be sure to have a great email sign-up form that entices people to provide their email address.A big donate button for people ready to giveDon’t be afraid to ask for donations on your website. Isn’t that the whole point of online fundraising? Supporters new and veteran will appreciate an easy donation flow. So make that button shine!A third-party endorsementConsider including ratings from GuideStar and Charity Navigator, or a testimonial from someone else regarding your nonprofit’s services (a volunteer, a beneficiary, etc.). A lot of the effectiveness of the messages on your website depends on the messenger. When you compare “My organization rocks” to “That organization changed my life because of…” you can sense which one is stronger. The “we’re awesome” argument doesn’t carry much weight on its own; let others help build your case.Something that shows where the money goesBe sure to share information or links to information about where donations go. Share what percentage of donations goes directly to mission-related activities. Consider making a connection between donations and services provided. One of our favorite examples is Malaria No More’s case that $10 equals one bed net.Something portableSocial media is a key way to connect and communicate with supporters. Be sure that all those hours tweeting and blogging don’t go to waste: Provide links to your social media presence, and make it easy for supporters to grab content and bring it where they are (ex: text they can paste as a status update promoting a campaign of yours or a personal story on your website).Links to events and other opportunities for engagementGive folks other opportunities to get involved and stay connected. Maybe there’s a petition to sign or pledge to complete. Have an upcoming event? Link to registration details. And as your site evolves, consider adding a feedback loop-polls, quizzes, comments, messages boards and so on.A final reality check: If you’ve worked your way through this list and think you’re good to go, take a moment to pause and reflect on the home page’s usability. Be sure to test the site to make sure that it’s as easy to navigate as you think it is. Ask a couple of volunteers, donors and others in your target audience to try it out and provide feedback to make the finishing touches.last_img read more

When a Few Little Words Mean So Much: Your Email Microcontent

first_imgKivi Leroux Miller is president of Nonprofit Marketing If we told you that microcontent was the most important part of your e-newsletters, what would you say?“Micro-what?”Microcontent is a phrase that catches your eye and is often viewed out of context, like an article headline displayed on a search result page or the subject line of your emails.Good microcontent grabs your supporters’ attention and keeps them reading. Bad microcontent is generic, drab or missing entirely.Every email has four key pieces of microcontent:The Subject LineThe From LineThe Headings and SubheadingsThe Next Step or Call to ActionGood microcontent tells the reader what’s in it for them.The busier your supporters are, the more likely they are to look at your email subject line and nothing else before deciding whether to read it or delete it.  This is your first chance at grabbing their attention. Make it good.Your “From” field should stay the same with every message. For most nonprofits, this will be your organization’s name or a well-known campaign or initiative.Descriptive headlines and subheads with active verbs and vivid nouns will grab your supporters’ attention and nudge them into actually reading the text. Headlines and subheadings that make people think “This is useful” or “This is timely” or “This is about me” will always work.Your call to action tells them what they can do next, including donate, volunteer, or simply learn more.Want to give your supporters a little nudge to actually read what you’ve written in your e-newsletter? Great microcontent is how it’s done.Read the stories below ‘Related Articles’ to learn more and whip your microcontent into shape!last_img read more

‘Forever in our thoughts’ – Football world pays tribute to Sala

first_imgNews of Emiliano Sala’s death has sent the footballing world into mourning after it was confirmed late on Thursday the forward’s body had been identified from the plane’s wreckage .Dorset Police confirmed the sad news releasing a statement saying their coroner had identified the 28-year-old, and that the families of Sala and pilot David Ibbotson had been notified.Messages of sadness, support and condolences have poured in on social media since as the footballing world mourns the tragic passing of the late Cardiff City forward. Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Club Statement (07/02/19): Forever in our thoughts— Cardiff City FC (@CardiffCityFC) February 7, 2019 RIP Emiliano Sala. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad, sad time. — SL Benfica (@slbenfica_en) February 7, 2019 RIP EMI 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺— Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) February 7, 2019 No words to describe how sad this is. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and also to the family of the pilot. #RIPsala — Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) 7 februari 2019 Descanza en paz — Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) February 7, 2019 #RIPSala — Iker Casillas (@IkerCasillas) 8 februari 2019 RIP hermano. 😢 🙏 On t’aime Emiliano Sala. Toujour dans nos coeurs. — Alejandro Bedoya (@AleBedoya17) February 8, 2019 RIP Emiliano Sala.Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. #FCPorto — FC Porto (@FCPorto) February 7, 2019 Rest in peace. Descansa en paz. Todas las fuerzas para la flia. all the strength for the family. — Jonas Gutierrez (@elgalgojonas) February 7, 2019 RIP — Harry Maguire (@HarryMaguire93) February 7, 2019 RIP — corentin (@CorentinTolisso) February 7, 2019 #LaLiga would like to extend their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Emiliano Sala. Rest in peace. — LaLiga (@LaLigaEN) February 7, 2019 Emiliano Sala (1990-2019)Rest in peace — FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) February 7, 2019 Gure doluminak Emiliano Sala zenaren senide eta gertukoei (1990-2019). Goian bego.— Athletic Club (@athletic_eus) February 8, 2019 Enorme tristeza 😢 QEDP Emiliano. Mis condolencias a familiares y amigos #PrayForSala 🙏🏾//Terribly sad 😢 Rest in peace, Emiliano. My condolences to his friends and family #PrayForSala 🙏🏽 — Sergio Kun Aguero (@aguerosergiokun) February 8, 2019 May he rest in peace 💔 #EmilianoSala — Ilkay Gündogan (@IlkayGuendogan) February 8, 2019 Heartbreaking to hear the news about Emiliano Sala. Rest in peace! 💙 Thoughts go out to the family and friends of Emiliano and the pilot. 🙏🏾 — Antonio Rüdiger (@ToniRuediger) February 8, 2019 RIP Emiliano Sala 🙏🏾😔 — Ruben Loftus-Cheek (@rubey_lcheek) February 8, 2019 Descansa en paz. Fuerza para la Familia. RIP 🙏 — Fede Fernandez (@pajarofernandez) February 8, 2019 El @valenciacf desea expresar sus públicas condolencias por la confirmación del fallecimiento de Emiliano Sala (1990-2019)DEP— Valencia CF 🦇💯 (@valenciacf) February 7, 2019 Riposa in pace, Emiliano #Sala 🙏 — S.S.Lazio (@OfficialSSLazio) February 7, 2019 RIP 🌹 — Kheira Hamraoui (@kheirahamraoui) February 7, 2019 Hasta siempre, Emiliano. — Boca Jrs. Oficial (@BocaJrsOficial) February 7, 2019 — Ezequiel Lavezzi (@PochoLavezzi) February 8, 2019Rest in peace Emiliano Sala.We’re sending love and condolences to everyone affected. 💛💙— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) February 8, 2019RIP Emi 🙏— Olympique Lyonnais (@OL) February 8, 2019May you rest in peace Emiliano #Sala 🙏🏻💛💚💙— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 8, 2019Rest in peace Emiliano Sala. Thoughts are with friends and family 🙏🏼— Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) February 8, 2019Rest in peace, Emiliano Sala 🙏🏽Condolences to the families of Emiliano and the pilot.— Jerome Boateng (@JB17Official) February 8, 2019Une pensée à sa famille et ses proches! Rest in peace 🤲🏿— Koulibaly Kalidou (@kkoulibaly26) February 8, 2019A sad day. The thoughts and sincere condolences of UEFA and the whole European football family are with the friends and family of Emiliano Sala this morning.— UEFA (@UEFA) February 8, 2019Rest in peace, Emiliano. 💙— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) February 8, 2019The thoughts of everyone at #LFC are with the family and friends of Emiliano Sala.RIP Emiliano.— Liverpool FC (@LFC) February 8, 2019The thoughts of everyone at the Club are with the friends and family of Emiliano Sala and all those at @CardiffCityFC and @FCNantes following last night’s sad news.— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) February 8, 2019Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and teammates of Emiliano Sala.Never Forgotten.— Borussia Dortmund (@BlackYellow) February 8, 2019⚫️ Le TFC présente ce matin ses sincères condoléances à la famille, aux proches, amis et anciens coéquipiers d’Emiliano Sala. Qu’il repose en paix 🙏→— Toulouse FC (@ToulouseFC) February 8, 2019Real Madrid have offered their condolences to the relatives and friends of Sala, with the La Liga side feeling “the pain of football fans, especially Argentine football”.Comunicado Oficial: Emiliano Sala.#RealMadrid— Real Madrid C.F.⚽ (@realmadrid) February 8, 2019Rest in peace, Emiliano Sala. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.— Manchester United (@ManUtd) February 8, 2019The thoughts of everyone at West Ham United are with Emiliano Sala’s friends and family.Rest in peace Emiliano.— West Ham United (@WestHamUtd) February 8, 2019Rest in peace, Emiliano Sala & David Ibbotson.Our thoughts are with their families and friends.— PSV (@PSV) February 8, 2019🖤 Everyone at LOSC would like to express their deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Emiliano Sala.— LOSC Lille EN (@LOSC_EN) February 8, 2019This is truly sad news, rest in peace Emiliano Sala 🙏 #RIPSala— Luke Shaw (@LukeShaw23) February 8, 2019⚫️ L’OGC Nice présente ses sincères condoléances à la famille et aux proches d’Emiliano Sala.Une minute d’applaudissements sera respectée en sa mémoire lors de #OGCNOL 🙏— OGC Nice (@ogcnice) February 8, 2019L’Olympique de Marseille tient à présenter ses condoléances à la famille d’Emiliano Sala et à ses proches. ⚫⚪— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) February 8, 2019Que en paz descanses 🙏🏼 Emiliano Sala. Mis condolencias a su familia. Mucha fuerza.— Nicolas Otamendi (@Notamendi30) February 8, 2019RIP Emiliano #Sala 🙏#SFT— Torino Football Club (@TorinoFC_1906) February 8, 2019Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and friends of Emiliano Sala.Rest in peace, Emiliano. #RIPEmiliano— Everton (@Everton) February 8, 2019FIFA and the whole football community are deeply saddened about the death of Emiliano Sala. FIFA and its President Gianni Infantino would like to extend their sincerest condolences to his friends and family. Our thoughts are also with the family of pilot David Ibbotson— FIFA Media (@fifamedia) February 8, 2019last_img read more